Who is the programme designed for?

The short answer is anyone who is feeling unwell. The impact of health beliefs on actual health is well documented. When we are feeling unwell the way we process this, and the subsequent actions we take, are an integral component of our recovery.

Through compassionate exploration of fundamental beliefs surrounding health, we may be able to discover new strategies which can help us to heal. The programme may be especially helpful for people suffering from functional symptoms and central sensitivity syndromes.

What are central sensitivity syndromes?

These conditions go by a variety of names, central sensitivity syndromes, functional illness and Tension myositis syndromes (TMS). These are umbrella terms which are trying to describe the same group of illnesses, which are not well understood. Examples are Fibromyalgia, chronic regional pain syndromes, and irritable bowel syndrome.

These illnesses are produced by a different mechanism than the diseases that are taught in medical school; doctors do not fully understand them, and are not very good at treating them.

They are also surrounded by controversy, as they are sometime incorrectly considered to be psychological illnesses. They are sometimes described as “psychosomatic” which may not be the right way to understand them. Everyone experiences functional symptoms all of the time, and there is always a functional component to any symptom.

The bottom line is that humans are more complex than traditional bio-mechanical models of medicine can account for, and a failure to recognise this may lead to unhelpful ways of understanding health.

A broader understanding of the how and why our bodies and minds produce symptoms can help us find new solutions for treating them.

How does it work?

Cambridge Progressive Medicine aims to provide a structured course of treatment to assist you in taking control of your own health. This may consist of only a few sessions, or you may require more. It is flexible and tailored to individual patient need. However, it is not intended to be open ended.

You should think of it as a GP appointment. Dr Bostock is a General Practitioner, he is not a psychotherapist or a coach. However, with Cambridge Progressive Medicine you get the time you need to fully explore your story.

We will look at the whole you, and work with you to create a personalised management plan that encompasses Western medicine, lifestyle, meditation and thought work as well as psychological and alternative therapies. This may include changes to prescribed medications.

Ultimately the person that is going to do the hard work is you. Only you hold the key to your own health and happiness. We will simply guide you in rediscovering them.